Galapagos by Local Guides specializes in conducting tours with passion, dedication and knowledge. Be part of a mind-blowing experience by the hand of expert local guides.

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Experience one

Hiking & Nature Walking Tours

Explore and experience the Galapagos adventure the way you deserve. By the hand of one of our expert naturalist guides, you will be taken to one of the 85 magical land visitor sites spread around The Galapagos; either by yacht or bus. Walk alongside endemic marine iguanas, giant tortoises, sea lions and Darwin finches. All while getting scientific-based information about them. Wildlife photography and nature interpretation always play a significant role in all our tours.

Experience two

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Immerse yourself and explore one of the biggest and most important marine reserves on earth. Thanks to a special junction of many marine currents, the Galapagos waters offer a wide variety of marine species unique to this region. Gear up and jump off the boat with one of our naturalist guides to enjoy playful sea lions, ancient-looking sea turtles and colorful tropical and subtropical fish. Scuba divers need to provide a certified license.

Experience three

Experiential & Sport Fishing

Get on a speed boat and sail around some of the islands by the hand of a local fisherman. Go for a dive to see big school of fish, sea lions and sharks. The captain will tell when it is a good time to go trolling and see what you can catch for lunch. Was it a tuna fish? Perfect! The captain will makes a shimi and serve a few drinks to enjoy the fresh fish. Ready to go for another snorkeling session in a remote and quite spot in the Galapagos? This experience is certainly one of our travelers’ favorites.

Experience four

Kayaking & Paddle Boarding

Sun shining, still seas and a refreshing ocean breeze. These are perfect conditions for a family, couple or solo adventure on a kayak/paddleboard. Your naturalist guide will lead you to magical places surrounded by impressive rock formations, dazzling giant cacti and animals resting along the shore. These magnificent spots are locals favorite when proposing or when wishing to “get away” for a while.

Experience five

Agricultural Tourism

We cannot talk about sustainable development in the Galapagos without including in our tours as many local people as possible. With this in mind, we’ve designed tours to coffee farms, local breweries and sugar cane plantations. At these places you will learn from experts the art of making coffee, beer, panela, moonshine and many other products from scratch. By participating in this experience, you will allow local entrepreneurs to improve their quality of life and wellbeing.

Experience six

Dining with a local family

A great day deserves a great end. Share fresh local food with a local host family. This experience provides a great opportunity for our visitors to learn more about local customs and traditions, make local friends and help the locals benefit from tourism. This is a great way to get real insight into Galapagos and its people. Together, you will be part of providing important contributions to the island’s sustainable development.

Experience seven

Biking Tours

Biking is always fun and even more so if it’s done in a special place like the Galapagos. Our bike tours are catered to your abilities and preferences. Looking for a leisure ride down the beach or an active ride uphill? Regardless of the option chosen, our bike programs ensure that you and your family have a safe and pleasant time while exploring the islands from the seat of a bike at your own speed. We work with you to help match your abilities with the bike tour that best suits you.

Experience eight

Private Guides

When booking tours in the Galapagos, you will form part of a group of 2 - 16 other travelers. We understand that some guests might prefer a more personalized experience, however. Therefore, we can offer our private guiding service. With this option, you will have your own naturalist guide for all or some of the excursions, depending on your desires. This gives you more freedom and flexibility when exploring the islands.


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