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Xavier Suarez

Xavier is a certified local guide, founder and CEO of Galapagos by Local Guides. This tour company is land-based on Santa Cruz Island. It designs tailor-made trips and delivers life-changing experiences around the Galapagos.


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Galapagos by Local Guides works with a selected group of local naturalist guides licensed by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment and Tourism.

Local People

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Galapagos by Local Guides works with local tourism stakeholders. This strategic alliance helps the local economy to dynamically improve the well-being of the permanent residents.


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Galapagos by Local Guides is the first land-based Galapagos tour company created and managed by an experienced group of local naturalist guides.

Our mission Galapagos by Local Guides

Our Mission

To offer a new travel option to The Galapagos Islands by the use of tailor-made tours under the direction and leadership of expert local guides that are conducted in a special way that inspires visitors to protect the only planet we have.

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Our vision Galapagos by local guides

Our Vision

To be the first land-based, organized, travel option to The Galapagos Islands by guaranteeing a personalized, professional and seamless service that enhances the quality of life for local residents and promotes the islands sustainable development.

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Why travel with us

Expert local guides and permanent residents

We are a Galapagos National Park certified naturalist guide team and we are also local residents. This has permitted us to better know and show the Galapagos like nobody else.

Why travel with us

Tailor-made trips and empathy with our travelers

We work closely with our travelers to design a highly valuable, tailor-made trips, paying attention to every detail. We are attentive to demands and to satisfy each request.

Why travel with us

A supportive friend in the

We are that local support on site travelers need when visiting a new place. We are close to you day by day to make sure you are having a safe and seemless experience.

Why travel with us

A special touch!

We’ll be your guides on daily tours. So we have the advantage and privilege of being close to you. We will be able to surprise you with special treats in the right place at the right time.

Why travel with us

Competitive prices

We work in a strategic alliance with a group of local stakeholders, some, our childhood friends. This gives us access to special fares that allow us to offer our travelers a tour package at a competitive and accessible price.

Why travel with us

Local Economy and sustainable development

You can be part of the sustainable development of the Galapagos. This is possible thanks to our community-based tourism products that are 100% conducted by local hands during the entire process.

Be part of the journey * Live the interaction * Remember the experience