The first Galapagos land-based tour company created and managed by
an experienced group of local
naturalist guides

Be part of the journey * Live the interaction * Remember the experience

Something for everybody

Galapagos by Local Guides offers a broad range of experiences in order to meet your individual requirements. We have something for everyone who is eager to see the Galapagos in a new and special way.

No matter what brings you down to the islands, we will be delighted to design a travel itinerary that best suits your needs and preferences so you enjoy a real Galapagos experience.

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Tailor-made trips and
high-quality tour services all over the Galapagos islands

We want our travelers to be part of the Galapagos sustainable development

This is possible thanks to our community-based tourism products conducted 100% by local hands during the entire process

We know it better, we do it better

We are permanent residents and certified naturalist guides for the Galapagos National Park. We’ve had the privilege of growing up and working full time in the islands. We want our visitors to get the best from both approaches: as Locals and as Guides. As local people we know best about our local customs and traditions as well as some beautiful and hidden spots tourists have never heard of. As Guides, we know the best practices to deliver seamless experiences to our travelers.

Our costumer reviews

  • Bill Cleveland, USA
    Xavier, our naturalist guide. What an extraordinary young man! So knowledgeable and engaging. An absolute delight. A great sense of humor combined with a genuine love of the subject matter. Very accommodating and physically helpful for those of us who needed a hand every so often (me)!
    Bill Cleveland, USA
  • Chip & Sandy Cunningham, USA
    Exploring hidden corners of the world, is always amazing, but the one thing that truly brings it all to life is a great guide. One whose enthusiasm and passion, humor and compassion is like living in technicolor. In the Galapagos, that guide is Xavier Suarez. He brought everything to life. His brilliant smile and great energy (vibes) were contagious! Thank you Xavier, you are a gem and we were so fortunate to spend time with you!
    Chip & Sandy Cunningham, USA
  • Laura Triana, Colombia
    My trip to Galapagos was incredible thanks to Xavier. He is absolutely professional, charming and very detail-oriented. I recently visited the island with my sibling and we were very happy to have Xavier guiding us during a week full of wonderful animals, snorkeling, boat trips, beach walks and amazing sights. Xavier arranged everything for us and he made sure we were enjoying and taking the most of each experience. I cannot say enough about how great this experience was and I’ll definitely go back again to the Galápagos Islands with the best: Galapagos By Local Guides!
    Laura Triana, Colombia

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